TOAD hotkeys

Toad is useful tool for DB administrators.
Hotkey Function
F1 Help
F2 Toggle Full screen Editor
Shift+F2 Toggle Full screen grid
F3 Find Next Occurrence
Shift+F3 Find Previous Occurrence
F4 Describe Table,View,Procedure,Function,or Package in popup window
F5 Editor: Execute as script
F6 Toggle between Editor and Results panel
F7 Clear All Text, Trace Into in the Editor
F8 Recall previous SQL statement in the Editor, Step Over in the Editor for PL/SQL debugging
F9 Execute statement in the SQL editor,Compile in the Editor
Ctrl+F9 Verify statement without execution (parse) in the Editor, Set Parameters in the Editor for PL/SQL debugging
Shift+F9 Execute current statement at cursor in the Editor, Execute Current Source in the Editor without PL/SQL debugging
F10 Popup Menu
F11 Run (continue execution) in the Procedure Editor for PL/SQL debugging
F12 Run to cursor in the Editor for PL/SQL debugging.
Ctrl+F12 Pass the SQL or Editor contents to the specified External Editor (Specified in Options Editors).
Ctrl+A Select All Text
Ctrl+Alt+B Display the PL/SQL Debugger Breakpoints window
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+D Display procedure parameters
Ctrl+Alt+D Display the PL/SQL Debugger DBMS Output window
Ctrl+E Execute Explain Plan on the Current Statement
Ctrl+Alt+E Display the PL/SQL Debugger Evaluate/Modify window
Ctrl+F Find Text
Ctrl+G Goto Line
Ctrl+L Convert Text to Lowercase
Ctrl+M Make Code Statement
Ctrl+N Recall Named SQL Statement
Ctrl+O Opens a Text File
Ctrl+P Strip Code Statement
Ctrl+R Find and Replace
Shift+Ctrl+R Uses the ALIASES.TXT file to substitute the alias with the associated table name
Ctrl+S Saves File
Shift+Ctrl+S Save File As
Ctrl+Alt+S Display the PL/SQL Debugger Call Stack window
Ctrl+T Columns Dropdown
Ctrl+U Converts Text to Uppercase
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Alt W Display the PL/SQL Debugger Watches window
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Z Undo Last Change
Shift+Ctrl+Z Redo Last Undo
Alt+UP Display Previous Statement
Alt+DOWN Display Next Statement (after Alt UP)
Ctrl+HOME In the data grids, goes to the top of the recordset
Ctrl+END In the data grids, goes to the end of the recordset
Ctrl+TAB Cycles through the collection of MDI Child windows
Ctrl+ENTER Execute current SQL (same as Shift+F9)
Ctrl+. (Ctrl+period) Autocompletes tablenames

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