QSQL utility version 1.1.7

It’s replacement for Sybase SQL Anywhere ISQL tool. It has tiny size (~120K) and small memory footprint. I often use it to connect with Sybase SQL Anywhere server from DOS FoxPro Application (sic!)

(If You are looking for Qt SQL class, You could try with trolltech site or just try Google search on the current page)

What’s New in version 1.1.7 of Quiet SQL

v1.1.7a 28.12.98Russian documentation added
v1.1.7 23.12.98Added STD_DAT key (thanks Stalker for idea)
Small additions in documentation
v1.1.6 26.05.98DBF fields are converted to UPPER case to support FOXPRO conventions
before v1.1.6Internal releases
v1.0 14.10.97Initial implementation

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