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How to make dropdown list in Excel
  • Select a cell or a range that is to contain the validation dropdown listbox
  • Go to menu item "Data / Validation"
  • Select the Settings tab, in the Allow dropdown list, select List.
  • The Source box can refer to a range of cells for its values, or you can type them directly, separated by a list separator (comma or hsemicolon)
  • If necessary, select "Input message" and "Error Alert"

  • MS Office keyboard shortcuts
    Ctrl+F3/Ctrl+Shift+F3Office clipboard
    Ctrl+Shift+F8vertical block
    Ctrl+Shift+Ccopy format
    Ctrl+Shift+Vpaste format
    Ctrl+Alt+E€ character

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    Named cells in MS Excel

    The cell in Microsoft Excel could have special name. It makes the work more convenient and understandable. For example, it’s much more easy to reference the cell as "Salary", than "S25".

    To create a named cell in Microsoft Excel, move the cursor to the "Name Box" and enter the new name of the cell. After this the new name could be used everywhere in charts, formulae and cell references.

    Excel namebox

    Example: You could use the following formula "=Salary*(I1+0.2)" instead of "=S25*(I1+0.2)".

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