Octopus can be localized now. Do the following for it:

  1. Start Octopus;

  2. Check "Translate" menu item in the "Options" menu;

  3. Close Octopus and start it again;

  4. Octopus will generate locales.ini file in the Octopus directory;

  5. Translate every word and phrase in locales.ini;

  6. Restart Octopus again. Now Octopus is localized.

Warning: As soon the new windows which was not translated will appear (message boxes, properties windows) they will be added to locales.ini file. It is necessary to translate them too.

Ready to use

Download locales.zip file and extract locales.ini file from archive into Your Octopus directory.

Language Translated by
 Ukrainian Oleksandr Moskalyuk
 Russian Oleksandr Moskalyuk
 Dutch Anonymous
 Hungarian Herczeg Jozsef Tamas
 German Andrew Kaftan
 German (completely new version) T. Pepe. See also his site about Octopus
    English (corrected version) T. Pepe. See also his site about Octopus
  French Luc-Joel Berger
 Lettish Armand Radzushka
 Danish Jens Mortensen
 Polish Jan M. Mayer
 Bulgarian Ventsislav Stoichev
  Portuguese Marcos C. Taveira
        Spanish Jose Garcia Carrasco
 Italian Giancarlo
                 Arabic Mina Guindy  [minahanna_minahanna@yahoo.com]

If You have translated locales.ini (or corrected the downloaded from site one) and You are sure about Your translation send me it please to distribute it. I will be thankful...

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